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Hello, my name is Laszlo Delaware Zsory. I dedicated my life to giving back to women what five thousand years of patriarchy took away from them.

My study of all women related issues/topics started in a very early stage in my existence; literally in my mother’s womb, before I was even born. Since that time I’ve been consciously and continuously studying and learning from women. What a wonderful journey.

From the very beginning I was completely mesmerized by the beauty and the feminine energy of the woman – there is no woman on this earth who does not radiate some kind of angelic beauty and love, but most women don’t know it.

 My task is to help women to recognise and experience this miraculous self-healing energy in themselves – and to assist them to truly and fully trust, believe in and love themselves.


to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds.

Mexican Proverb

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Most women’s lives are filled with different emotional, health-, family- and relationship-related problems. I assist them to learn and realize how to use their own all-powerful energy to master their own lives, achieving success using their own unique creativity, combined with excellent health, happiness and joy.

I’ve been practicing as a Life Energy Therapist for 27 years, focusing on and working with women in different societies and cultures all over the world. I have been involved in creating and leading a variety of women empowerment, leadership, employment, life skills and health projects. My work is internationally acclaimed.

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Cape Talk Radio, Cape Town

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"What do you do, how do you work on your seminars, workshops or with your individual clients?"

First at all this is not work for me. If I am not more energized when I finish a workshop or a session with a client, I know I did something wrong, it wasn’t 100%. Fortunately there is a sensor in me, I immediately catch when I start to get drained, tired or lose my focus during my “work”. So I know immediately that my brain took over from my heart – and right there I change what and how I am presenting, or the subject I’m talking about, or I change the exercise we are busy with.

Nothing is static. Maybe the best way to describe my work is that I “work” intuitively. I love that. I step aside and allow my mouth to speak from the deepness of my being. Dr Christiane Northrup, the world-famous gynaecologist and author of several bestseller books on female health and well being, put it in this way when she sent me her (that time newly published) wonderful book: ‘The wisdom of menopause’ with the following dedication: “Your intuitive wisdom is a gift to women and men everywhere. Keep shining!”

My aim is that women learn to master their own lives and achieve great success by using their unique creativity, combined with excellent health, happiness and joy. It is possible!

"Your way of working with women is obviously very successful, but it is also quite unique; how did you learn about this approach?"

What I share with women I didn’t learn from any of my educational institutions. I prefer to say that I have no education. I am literally born with this very deep desire to assist women to recognise their immense beauty, to recognise and use their ultimate and all powerful feminine creation power… and I am talking here about all(!) women.

I choose my sources of wisdom from the countless wise ancient and modern day true sages, but mostly from the thousands of women I had the privilege to have deep, honest conversation with during the past decades. But still my all-principal guide and source of wisdom is the love in my heart.

"You have helped many women - what about your own life; what do you want your life to be?"

I love that saying “If miracles do not happen every day in your life, then something’s wrong with your life.”

Life itself is meaningless, we give meaning to life. We create our own reality as well. You can be totally free and happy in a prison cell and a prisoner in total freedom.

What I want is to nourish the everlasting smile in my heart and on my face, so other people can have an example, a mirror to their own heart. For this I don’t need anything, no wanting, no destination, no desires, no grasping, no holding on, no safety – because this itself is the ultimate safety ; the only thing what I need is to spend the ever present moment in love. Then I am home, surrounded by love. I choose this. This is my home and fortunately I am home, I feel it, I treasure it, I’m grateful for it and humbled by this continuous magical blessing.

"That sounds like a dream world."

No, it’s very real and touchable. I don’t live in a dream world at all, I’m down on this beautiful Mother Earth firmly with both of my feet. Otherwise I couldn’t assist people to re-establish the smile in their hearts, to transform despair into bliss, tears and suffering into joyful laughter. That is my measure, my only, continuous and strict measure.

"During your life and especially in the past four years you have traveled extensively. After spending much time here in Cape Town, you met with your clients in Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Where is your base, where do you want to be?"

To go to a brand new place where you are not known at all by anybody and to establish yourself there is always a challenge. It keeps you on the edge, to strive, to develop, to be humble. In this way I continue to meet with all types of women from different religions, races, cultures, etc. and continue to deepen my understanding, respect and love of the feminine mystery.

I don’t have to go anywhere to find my place because I’m home everywhere. So it’s like you are walking in your huge estate – in this case on the beautiful Mother Earth – this way or that way. It is doesn’t matter which way, because you are always home, you are with your family.

My home is where love is. And love is everywhere because I carry it in me.

How grateful I am to be alive, for the opportunity to be alive, you can’t imagine.

"What do you envisage for your life in the future?"

There is no destination, ‘just’ the road. When we reach a destination, there are already new roads in front of us and we can travel on them in many ways. Many people think that a signpost is their destination. I know the direction and that is the only thing that matters. Obviously we have to be constantly vigilant not to lose sight of that, because it is easy to walk in circles or on byways. We always have to try our absolute best. That’s enough.

“If a mirror ever makes you sad you should know that it does not know you.”



Welcome to my blog. Take your time and enjoy browsing.

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Join a workshop, organize one for your loved ones or book a private session (they can also be done online).

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions can happen either personally or through the internet, usually through Skype.
The form of the session is a friendly conversation. Also with the help of this conversation we together find some home-works what will be suitable and helpful for your personal developments and for your needs and wants. I call these home-works/exercises “home-joys” because they are always a joy to do and a joy to to practice them. These are short, loving and caring exercises, generally you need about 3 times 5 – 10 minutes a day to do them. The time frame of a session is usually not limited and can last from a minimum of one hour to more, according to individual needs.

Group Sessions

Many times women want to share what they are learning with some of their friends or a group of other women, because they feel that the topic we discuss will be hugely beneficial for them too. These sessions also can be done through the internet, e.g. Skype.

Please contact me for any questions, inquiries or if I can assist you with my services.

These are my most


These are some of the most common and popular workshop topics, but I offer workshops to all female-related issues.


Your intuitive wisdom is a gift to women and men everywhere. Keep shining.

Christiane Northrup M.D. several New York Times and international bestselling author such as: Woman's Bodies Woman's Wisdom (they call it in the past 18 years as the veritable bible of women's health) The Wisdom of Menopause and Mother-Daughter Wisdom

I think of you as perhaps the most enlightened and loving human being on this planet.

Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MCC President and CEO International Metaphysical Academy Inc.

Just four months ago I attempted to burn myself to death and here I am now, a happy, flamboyant, beautiful woman who just opened her own exciting business. I am a phoenix, life is so delicious. Laszlo, I am eternally grateful...

Sandra (52), gastronomer

The experience was delicious like a special meal that one hasn't had in a long time. My senses are responding. Thanks for that gift. From that came the re-commitment to take care of myself. It was a gift I felt I had to share.
I shared this with a few ladies. I'm know that your gift had the energy vibration that touched those we engaged with as well. I acknowledge you for the difference you make in the world.

Gabriella (39), educator

... Thank you Laszlo for an absolutely amazing journey. I found this course (of the very many I've attended) - to the BEST and now I'm so excited about the wonderful journey called LIFE. I'm anticipating an amazing time ahead...

45 years old company director & trainer

..This workshop made me think and feel things that I thought were not possible...

32 years old skin care therapist

...Through this workshop my excessive bleeding which lasted 12 years has stopped completely...

52 years old housewife

...What you have done you will not understand...you have given me the tools that I thought I have lost, to focus and find myself again...

45 years old body therapist

..The experience was absolutely beautiful, just like 'me'. I have really learned how to love myself...this is an experience that I will take and carry with me each and every day...my relationship with my husband is beyond words...I appreciate all that you have done...

31 years old supervisor

Words cannot express my gratitude. I look forward enthusiastically to living my life just being me and loving to be the woman I am. Thank you so much for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Margaret, Medical Doctor (38)

..It is absolutely amazing to experience the MIRACLES, especially when I put into practice what you taught us...You such a blessing in life...

42 years old secretary

...All my life I was on this journey to search for joy, happiness, fulfilment...life have never felt so good, so pure, so indescribable. I am finally alive and I look forward to grow a hundred and odd years...

53 years old professional nurse

…I’ve learnt to respect myself and appreciate everyone and everything around me through these workshops. You have been wonderfully inspirational and my wish that all woman have the opportunity to learn your life altering teachings…

21 years old student

…As a recent divorced woman coming from a very unhappy marriage I was very negative and suppressed lots of anger inside me. I can truly say that this moving and dynamic workshop has brought a positive change within me. I have accepted myself 100% and I would like to live for 100 years as I am ONLY starting to LIVE my Happy life NOW!!!!!…

37 years old administrator

I learnt more in ten hours than 52 years about my life and purpose as a woman. I have received the greatest gift this weekend – knowledge and empowerment.

Sandy, chef (52)

And you dear Laszlo are an amazing gardener who has taught me to renew my soil and all sorts of wonderful things have begun to blossom in this soil. I am amazed at how immediately my cells respond to the laughter in your twinkling eyes and happy face. Thank you for sharing your wonderful uplifting energy so generously.

Eva (38), writer

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