Q&A – Worries about giving birth

Q&A – Worries about giving birth

Pregnancy and giving birth.

Excerpt from an answer to a young woman who deeply worried about her pregnancy and giving birth. 

Dear Laszlo, 

” … as the day passing I more and more worried about everything…” 

“Dear Maria,

I sincerely hope that you are very happy and look forward with great expectation to become a Mother.

Please listen to your body, she knows everything. Nobody knows better as she, no doctors or so called experts, neither relatives or friends. Your body has the ultimate knowledge and your bodily wisdom is perfect. Love your body, trust her, respect her and look after her with the greatest care.

Please don’t be afraid. Giving birth is a normal bodily process and not a medical problem. Focus on the miracle of it and not on what can go wrong.

Have no fear, have love. There is no fear in love! If you worry, accept it, don’t fight against it. Instead choose to connect with that perfect and ultimate Love – your daughter – inside of you for peace, tranquillity and understanding, She is developing in your magical womb, right now in every second of the day. Each and every of those second millions and millions of new cell are developing in your baby. What you feel, how and what you eat or drink, how and what you think or say, how and what you are experiencing in that specific second is influence her developing cells. Obviously if you are happy and positive it’s a positive and healthy influence in those developing cells and vice verse.   

You wrote they say she will be big. If she is big, this is how nature designed her, and the same nature designed your body as well. Your body is a miracle, the biggest miracle in the universe, trust Her!

Talk to your daughter, connect with her with tenderness and faith, she is listening and understand you perfectly. Connect with her with trust and confident love.

She, your body and nature together they know when is the time, the perfect time for her to be born. Have no fear, trust Creation.

Go confidently for this beautiful adventure, to this magical experience. Don’t allow for anybody to spoil it. This miracle designed for both of you. Enjoy it. You will come out of it stronger and wiser.

What you need now is total and unconditional loving support. Ban anybody from your environment who is worrying, or represent any type of negativity, especially now you don’t need that.

Plan beforehand. During your labour, birth, don’t allow to be there anybody whom you don’t want to be there, or you don’t trust hundred percent, or you have to worry about her/or him in any way. Surrounds yourself with loving, helpful people, for massage, for fun and for love. No laud noise, bright light, just gentleness and peace.

When she has born, hold her immediately on your tummy or between your breast, and when the umbilical cord is stop pulsating, just then allow it to cat.

Don’t need to hurry with anything. Harmony, peace and love, that’s the message what she is represent, those are the things she want to experience at her arrival  and follow as well. If you frightened she will be frightened too. Frightened to be born, to come out. When the time arrived, tell her that you are ready, and it’s safe to come out, you are waiting for her with love, care and safety. All the way constantly connect with her with love and trust.

Once more: trust your body, if your body is capable to developing a beautiful human being, of course she is capable to finish the birth process as well with perfection. The female body is a miracle, every female body is designed that way. For the female body to developing a new wondrous life and giving birth to it, is the same normal bodily process as digesting the food, to growing the nails or hair.

You are a Gorgeous Woman and like millions and millions of other women before you – including your own Mom, – you can do it, too. I haven’t got the slightest doubt of that.

PS.: You can read the chapters : “Pregnancy, Giving Birth,” from Christiane Northrup’s book  “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” as well.

Also I highly recommend to you to read a small wonderful, very enlightened and tremendously useful book, titled: ‘Birth without violence’ – by Frederick Leboyer, M.D. ISBN 978-1-59477-297-9 (pbk.) Buy only the second or third edition, the first one wasn’t translated properly from the French. Not easy to find, presently maybe just available in the USA. (maybe through Amazon)  But worthy to have it!!!

Bear hugs.


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