Q&A – Birth Control Pill

Q&A – Birth Control Pill

Answer to Keira (21 years old) about the birth control pill she intended to take :

“To answer your question
satisfactorily I would need some pages, but I hope that you will deeply understand my nutshell answer as well.

Everything in the Universe is moving, becoming, dissolving, etc. in cycles. In magically perfect and divine cycles !!! The galaxies, the stars, the planets. In our own solar system our Sun, Jupiter, Venus, our Moon and so on. On Mother Earth, the changing of the seasons, high tide and low tide and so on. Representing this ultimate creation power and perfect wisdom.

This wisdom rules the menstrual cycle as well. When a woman properly learns about and understands her own monthly cycle – which is literally part of the Universal cycle -, she intuitively can tune into this sacred creation power and sacred wisdom.

In the female body the different hormones continuously and significantly fluctuate, interact with each other from the onset of puberty to the end of menopause.
If one hormone changes in the body, it immediately affects all the other hormones as well.

That pill you mentioned contains an artificial hormone (not bio-identical to the female body, and that by itself interferes with the normal natural state of the body with countless known and not known side effects), this artificial, extra hormone stops the development and the release of the female egg on a monthly base.

Every woman’s hormone level is different, affected and changing almost minute by minute in their body depending on countless of things and circumstances. These changes are balanced and ruled by the perfection and miraculous wisdom of the female body. If we increase one hormone (the pill) in the body, the other hormones have to react immediately to counter-balance it.

With this hormonal interference, with the artificially blocked natural cycle, the woman is literally robbed her natural self, her own unique female intuition and being. Her real creative power and deep wisdom are not fully available to her any more. She can’t use this wisdom because it’s blocked. She stepped out from the rhythms of Life, from the rhythms of the Universe and hence the mystery of her being is not accessible to her any further. The truth is, she can not be herself, her real self.

I hope you understand the importance of being yourself. Being the real You.

If you don’t want to give up the pill ( which I strongly recommend), then you have to ask the doctor to subscribe pills to you with bio-identical hormones, and pills that contain the lowest dose of hormones. Maybe the doctor does not even know about it, but they exist. Please buy the book: Dr Christiane Northrup: ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’  and read it regularly. The new edition is even revised and updated. You will benefit from this book tremendously. It’s the best guide you can have about the female body and female health today.”

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