The Magic of the Woman

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An 8 weeks seminar that guarantees to transform your life


This joy-shop series will take you on a deep, sacred journey. One step at a time. It’s about waking up to the deep potential that is within you so that you can create a beautiful, abundant life and become a strong and¬†beneficial¬†presence on this planet at this time in human history..

You will begin to integrate the various parts of yourself–mind, body, and spirit–to become, once again, and in all ways, the beautiful, unique and peaceful person you were created to be.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to walk through the world with the authentic confidence to be yourself fully. Imagine what it would be like to transform the relationships in your life or attract new ones that mirror the truth of your value and provide the support you need to truly flourish and thrive. Imagine to use your creative gifts and talents and make a big difference in your and other peoples’ life–and receive everything you need in return

You will learn as well easy, practical and very pleasant exercises concentrate on self-discovery, focusing on stimulating the frontal lobes (prefrontal cortex) of the brain. These experiences automatically kick-start and enhance personal, psychological and spiritual growth. This new inner focus, feelings and thought forms generate new neurons, neural networks, and neurochemistry in the brain. This results in a person becoming fully empowered to create happiness, health and success.




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