Q&A – Worries about giving birth

Pregnancy and giving birth. Excerpt from an answer to a young woman who deeply worried about her pregnancy and giving birth.  Dear Laszlo,  ” … as the day passing I more and more worried about everything…”  “Dear Maria, I sincerely hope that you are very happy and look forward with great expectation to become a […]

Q&A – Depression and study difficulties

Q’s of a young Russian lady who struggles with depression and with her studies. A’s from an email that I sent to her. Hi Elena, So then, lets see: ‘or its better to say i see only the pressure and it gets to me.’ – Why do you choose to see ‘only’ the pressure? Heroism? […]

Q&A – Birth Control Pill

Answer to Keira (21 years old) about the birth control pill she intended to take : “To answer your question satisfactorily I would need some pages, but I hope that you will deeply understand my nutshell answer as well. Everything in the Universe is moving, becoming, dissolving, etc. in cycles. In magically perfect and divine […]

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